I’m still surprised at how well this things edits. I built it in Dec. of 2014 with the future in mind. It consist of a (I know…not a big deal anymore) 1st Gen intel Core i7 5960x. At the time it was a pretty well respected 8 core processor at 3.0 GHz. However with a proper¬† cooling system it’s capable of over clocking up to 4.25 GHz. Combined with 64 gigs of DDR4 Ram a GeForce GTX Titian Z and a host of hard drives. I’m still editing the latest codecs in 2020 with out a problem. Could I use an upgrade… I’m not really sure. Based on the performance scores on all the test renders it appears as though this beast is still a player in our ever changing environment. Sure a newer system would be faster but based on the testing this thing still keeps up and was well worth the investment 6 years ago.

Over the years I’ve built numerous systems. The first was a hackintosh system with less then 12 gigs of RAM. It’s funny, when I built this beast I rember thinking the video card had more memory than any individual system I had built to date.

Most if not all of the computers I have built are still in working environments to this day.